Avocado Mash-Up Recipe Series

Avocado Brekki Sushi

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Avocado Pizza Pie

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Black Forest Avocado Parfait

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Avocado Parmigiana

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Avocado San Choy Bow

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Create a series of quick fire, fresh recipes that take Australian favourites and add avocado to create a uniquely delicious dish.
Strategy & Approach
We devised 12 healthy, simple and delicious recipes, then over two exceedingly long shooting days used stop motion animation to literally bring the recipes to life.  Rather than spell out every recipe step, the emphasis was to get viewers excited about the dishes and give them the confidence to try something new.
Rolled out over 12 weeks our Mash-Up Recipe Series has been Australian Avocados most successful video content to date. 
In addition to sensational viewing stats, the films really resonated with their Facebook followers generating overwhelmingly positive comments and record shares.
Facebook Stats 
500,000+ Views
45,000+ Likes
1500+ Shares
500+ Comments
Best Use of a Small Budget - Mumbrealla BEFest Awards


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