#There's Life After Year 12 Exams

#There's Life After Year 12 Exams

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#There's Life After Year 12 Exams - Malcom Turnbull

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#There's Life After Year 12 Exams - Tom Ballard

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#There's Life After Year 12 Exams - David Gonski

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#There's Life After Year 12 Exams - Andrew Morley

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#There's Life After Year 12 Exams - Ita Buttrose

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#There's Life After Year 12 Exams - Ben Quilty

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#There's Life After Year 12 Exams - Nina Las Vegas

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#There's Life After Year 12 Exams - Penny Wong

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#There's Life After Year 12 Exams - Lisa Wilkinson

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“The team at Contently did a very professional and creative job with our 'There's Life After' campaign. Nothing was too much trouble for them, particularly with such tight timelines, and as a result the campaign will have reached hundreds of thousands of young people doing Year 12 exams with a great message. We're very grateful to Hank and the other good people at Contently for their tremendous support.”
Mick Garnett
Director of Marketing, ReachOut.com
Every year 220,000 young Australians go through one of the most stressful times of their lives.  Contently was tasked by The Inspire Foundation and Reach Out with the big job of letting them know that they are not alone and that indeed there is life after year 12. 
Strategy & Approach
The aim was to get 20 testimonials from celebrated Australians on their experience and advice on year 12 exams. In the end this number swelled to over 80 as our campaign gathered momentum with entertainers, politicians, journalists, artists, sports professionals and comedians beating down our door to tell their story and show support for reachout.com.
Shot nationally over 2 weeks, including a quite surreal day running around the halls of Parliament House, Contently turned this project around in record time and along the way met some truly inspirational Aussies.
The campaign took on a life of it's own and received an unprecedented amount of publicity on the Today Show, ABC News, Studio 10 and the Sydney Morning Herald.
(Incidentally, Richard Wilkins was the only person not to tell us the year of his exams - funny that).




80 x 1 minute


#There's Life After

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